Emily has been the antidote to my overwhelm. Her work is well-organized and thorough. She herself is efficient, responsive, and flexible. Yet her ethics, her integrity, her commitment, and her loyalty stand out even beyond her excellent work. These traits make Emily invaluable, and are the reason that I consistently say she works “with me” rather than “for me.” Because of who she is, what she does, and how she does it, I consistently and confidently trust her to represent, organize, develop, and manage our programs as if they were her own. Emily is simply a Godsend. 

Rabbi Yitzhak Miller, Founder
The Discern His Integrity Programs

I had the privilege of hiring Emily Levy earlier this year to help me with the online promotion of a two-day live event in my local community.

Emily stepped right up and handled many of the tasks and projects that made our event a great success. People who attended last year commented on how much better our event was this year and new people who attended were blown away by the experience.

Thanks to Emily’s expertise with social media we were able to attract people who otherwise would not have discovered us and this enhanced our credibility as well. Not only was Emily easy to work with, but
she always had suggestions on how we could be more strategic in our online marketing efforts and she was quick to implement the new ideas.

Since we started working together, 30 new people joined my team and I have seen a 22% increase in sales so far this year. I am now looking forward to collaborating with Emily on my next online marketing project!

Karen Hanna
Lifestyle Enhancement Specialist

Meeting Emily was a gift from heaven! I was trying to set up the technology infrastructure for a planned online telesummit alone. Overwhelmed by the scope and details of the technicalities necessary to accomplish my goals, with my initial efforts floundering, I kept discovering needs about which I was clueless! Enter Emily. With her help, I not only achieved the technical goals on time, but the quality of the contents upped considerably from what I would have produced alone. With Emily’s experience, knowledge, skill, and direct service, I now have a successful telesummit on my resume, and I also have a high quality information product available on my website! If you are a solo entrepreneur needing not only technical know-how, but also skill and creativity support, she can do it for you! Emily…you are an angel!

Nancy Burnett, PhD

Emily did a short term project for me. She helped me do my first teleseminar. I had no idea how to proceed. With Emily’s help I had 23 people sign up, 7 people attend, and I sold 2 programs. She supported me with technology which is what I needed and expected, and I got results from her support. What was extraordinary was how she took care of me with love and kindness.

Cinder Ernst, Proprietor
Stop Diabetes Now

Emily is a creative, brilliant, highly competent and thoughtful person who brings an invigorating energy to our collective work experience. There seems to be little she isn’t capable of performing, is a remarkably quick learner- executing any task she assumes with thoroughness and proficiency regardless of whether it’s something she has experience with or is undertaking for the first time. She is highly organized, a gifted teacher and demonstrates a level of initiative and perseverance that almost ensures success in whatever aspect of the project she undertakes.

It would detract from her qualifications to describe her gift for writing, her technological skills, her conversational demeanor in reaching out to and connecting with others because she is so much more than the sum of those skills. The ability to brainstorm with Emily is invaluable. Her working style is generous and professional, analytical and insightful with a humbleness that is rare in someone so resourceful and adept. She has become so integral to the work of the Election Transparency Coalition that I can’t imagine continuing this work without her contribution.

Andi Novick, Founder
Election Transparency Coalition

You’ll not find a harder working, more conscientious, more detail oriented worker than Emily. She’d be a tremendous asset to any organization lucky enough, and smart enough, to get her on board. As you can tell, I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Brad Friedman
Proprietor, The BRAD BLOG
Co-founder, Velvet Revolution

Emily helped me with my WordPress site in ways I never imagined. Other trainings have been much too fast for my skill set so I’d end up feeling frustrated and a little bit dumb. I’ve come away feeling like a kindergartner in a Ph.D. program. Plus I got home and didn’t know how to do what I needed to do to get my site up and running.

Working with Emily is wonderfully different. Emily was patient and allowed me to do the work while she talked me through. I had time to take notes and her instructions were simple and easy to follow. Once our session was over I was able to actually post images and edit copy on my website and she said I was a quick learner! Imagine that!!

I highly endorse Emily Levy and look forward to working with her again on other projects that previously baffled me. Her ability to be clear and patient has actually made me optimistic about maintaining my own website and Facebook fan page!!!

Sylviaette Hill, Proprietor