Technical, Creative, and Coaching Services

to Launch, Elevate and Sustain Your Solo Online Business

Overworked? Overwhelmed?

There’s no need to go it alone anymore. I’ve got your back!

Get work done right without having to do it all yourself!

Are you a talented professional working hard to grow an online business to monetize your passion?

Have you enrolled in training programs that promise a simple business plan that will have your coaching or service-based business up and running in little time, and an abundance of clients knocking down your door? Emily

Have you been discouraged to discover how much more than passion and a little training is necessary to thrive?

Whether you’re a life coach, a holistic health practitioner, or a provider of other services, dozens of moving parts are involved in planning, launching, and maintaining the online portion of your private practice or business.

Can you do it all yourself? Of course you can!

Is tackling everything the best use of your valuable time?

Probably not.

There’s an easier, less stressful, and more professional way to get your new business up and running, especially if you’re building it while transitioning from a previous business or holding down a day job.

You deserve to have the help you need to bring your unique gifts to the world.

My professional strategy and implementation services give V-O-I-C-E to your business with high-quality

V: Virtual Events

O: Online Presence

I: Information Products

C: Coaching and Consulting

E: Efficient Systems

See the Services page for details.

Three Ways  To Work  Together

For the Do-It-Yourself Entrepreneur Who Needs A Little Help: I offer the FAB Lab (Focused Action Business Lab) Membership Program

Learn more about the FAB Lab Membership Program


For the Self-Employed Professional Who Needs a New Website: I offer the FAB Web Launch Program. You’ll be guided through planning your website. Then my team and I will build the site for you. Then we’ll teach you how to use it. Register for my next teleseminar to learn more about the FAB Web Launch Program.

For Entrepreneurs Ready for Personalized Strategic Assistance: I offer one-on-one packages that combine consultation and implementation services.

I carry a small client load, so as my client you will receive focused personalized attention. I will learn the flavor and culture of your business so that I can represent you in the style and language you use to talk with clients/customers, prospects, and professional colleagues.

Are you wondering how someone else could possibly do the work of your business for you? Most of my clients begin there. After all, they’re solo entrepreneurs who are accustomed to doing everything for themselves! When we work together, you’ll find that you can learn to delegate not only tasks but responsibilities without sacrificing quality, weakening your message, or losing track of projects.

In fact, when you take the details that are not your genius off your plate, your focus will sharpen and your creativity blossom.

What would it be worth to you to watch the obstacles to your success tumble out of your path?

Contact me to discuss how I can help your business achieve its full potential.

You started your business so you could bring your passion to the world. I would be honored to help you achieve that precious goal.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Emily Levy